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Mississippi Peanut Growers Association

The Mississippi Peanut Growers Association is organized and operated for educational and scientific purposes, to bring together, for cooperation and coordination, all persons, both public and private, interested in enhancing the production, marketing, distribution, and utilization of peanuts.

About the National Peanut Board

The National Peanut Board represents all USA peanut farmers and their families. The mission of the Board is to provide USA peanut growers with a receptive and growing market for their peanuts and the information and tools for improved efficiencies. Through research and marketing initiatives the Board is finding new ways to enhance production and increase consumer demand by promoting the great taste, nutrition and culinary versatility of USA-grown peanuts.

10th Annual Meeting and Trade Show

January 28-29, 2015 at the Lake Terrace Convention Center in Hattiesburg, MS

Meeting begins at 1:00 pm on Jan. 28 and ends at 5:00 pm, resumes at 7:30 am January 29 and concludes at 3:30 pm. Annual Meeting of the Association will be held Jan. 28 at 3pm. Free lunch, door prizes, educational presentations and industry exhibits will be available for attendees. --> Download Draft Agenda and Program

National Posted Prices as of 1/6/15:
$424.86 Runners
$403.91 Spanish
$427.79 Valencia
$427.79 Virginia
MPGA doesn't SELL peanuts

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